Miles: 25.7

Camp: My CDT mile 1286.4

As I was just editing this blog a waitress appeared with a deep fried brownie sundae and I somehow deleted it. WordPress changed their format and made life more complicated…but again, it is what it is.

This day in particular was pretty special. It started out wet and sloppy as I searched for trail among the tall wet grasses, climbing out of a valley to the dreaded 30 mile road walk…9 of which I had already done. It was hot and long dirt roads most of the day and I was craving donuts fiercely. There has been a lack of good donuts on this trail and funny enough, I don’t usually like donuts. Not one bit. This day, all I could think about was seeing if I could get them mailed to me…and also, why aren’t there more Goldfish in my resupply? Why isn’t there more food in my bag? I was sooo hungry all day long.

When I got to the road to hitchhike, I was nervous I wouldn’t get a ride. If I had to walk it again I’d be pretty upset. Correction: very upset. I stuck out my thumb as very few cars drove by and it didn’t look good…until only 5 minutes later I got my ride! I didn’t catch his name, but he was super nice and I’m ever grateful for him! Thanks nice guy! 

I had done 19 miles by 2pm when I got my ride and my feet were screaming. The road walking gave me new blisters and sore feet, so once he dropped me off I rested under a tree until the rain started. It was minimal rain, but enough I didn’t want to sit still in it. As I walked further, dreaming of donuts and feet that don’t ache, I was stopped by two children and their grandma. 

“Do you want some trail magic?” The boy asked.

“I do want some trail magic!” I said.

He and his sister (Talon and Kiera) laid out the treats they were offering. They each had small bags labeled, “Trail Magic,” full of goodies. The selection was mostly candies which I’m trying to avoid, but then Kiera said, “oh and there is a donut,” and she pulled the pastry from her bag.

I lit up and accepted the donut as well as a bag of Fritos. The kids’ grandma (Oma/Smile) had hiked the AT but couldn’t finish the trail due to an accident involving a cheeseburger. I wanted to chat longer, but miles needed to be hiked and it was beginning to rain again.

I felt a reborn love of the trail as I walked away from the cutest trail angels ever. I needed that boost…and just the things I was craving no less! Thank you Talon, Kiera (sorry if I spell your name wrong) and Oma! You really made this hikers day!

I hiked another 5 miles in rain and thunder, finally arriving at my destination. It was a long day but everything I needed was provided. Everything worked out great. The trail does provide.

I forget what I ate for dinner.

Road walking boredom