Miles: 0 & 15

Camp: My CDT mile 1218.2

Elevation at camp: 11,000 feet

I’m not going into too much detail on my zero. Since Tickled Pink was in town, he drove a couple of to the next town over which wasn’t as touristy, so resupply was easier and cheaper and we got to do laundry. It felt more productive than I’d hoped and once again I’m lucky to have so many people helping me out out here. Pink went above and beyond doing that extra driving (he drove down from Steamboat Springs). Pink, Cowboy Stripper and I all decided to go back to Arapaho Valley Ranch last night with brats, turkey legs, snacks and beer. We had a hunch we could catch a few other hikers with magic as they hiked through…and we did. Right on, Slingshot and Judd came by and we had fun playing horseshoes, eating food and drinking beers. The ranch is an amazing setting and I’m sure I’ll go back in the future…it is a great and affordable getaway.

This morning, Pink had to return to Steamboat. We took the guys’ gear so they could ‘slackpack’ (hike without a loaded pack) the rest of the way to Grand Lake, and Pink dropped Cowboy, myself and the gear off as he left town. We will all see him again in Steamboat as he is also hosting hikers at his house there. It has been great to have him be there along the way helping out so selflessly. Hopefully Steamboat isn’t the last visit before Canada (it is about the halfway point).

I hiked out alone as everyone else was going to slackpack the Rocky Mountain National Park loop. I want to do it, but it requires special permits and I have designs on coming back to do it over 2-3 days instead of trying to squeeze it in a day. I have family and friends nearby and I would love another excuse to come back here! So, I cut the loop out and headed straight for the Never Summer Wilderness. I made it 15 miles after noon, which was all I aimed for today. I’m a little extra tired, but in a good way. I’m pretty content in the beautiful camp I found. The next couple of days should be real nice, I’m looking forward to this section. 

Keeping it short to get to sleep. 

Dinner: cous cous with chicken, salsa, bacon bits, oregano and cheese.