Miles: 19.7

Camp: My CDT mile 1084.2

Elevation at camp: 11800 feet

I really impressed myself today by getting back on trail by 8:30am…on a town day. I actually have a few deadlines for meeting people in the next few towns, so I like to stay ahead of schedule to avoid the need to play catch up. It is nice to get started early, though I lamented my decision not to eat breakfast at that cafe again, I miss it already. I knew my best course of action was to get moving early though, and I managed to make it happen. Sometimes my own willpower surprises me.

What I didn’t plan for were the crowds. I lost count, but saw at least 165 people on trail today. The majority were mountain bikers, the minority CT hikers. It was rather frustrating to have a mountain bike come barreling by every few minutes. Most of them did not yield the uphill, so sometimes I just had to stand my ground. Getting out of the way of over a hundred mountain bikes is too much. Generally I move for them because it is easier for me to step aside, but I lost that politeness today. I have no problem yielding to the uphill person on foot or bike, but when I’m climbing uphill I’ll take the right of way unless there is no place for the bike to go. I got some attitude from some bikers, which I’m sure stems from long seeded conflicts between bikers and hikers. I’ve never hiked on a trail with enough bikes to have a problem, and honestly hope to avoid it again in the future. I was miserable today. A bike passed by so often that I couldn’t even complete a thought. I even tried to listen to a podcast but couldn’t stay focused…it was rough.

I was surprised at how often and kindly bikes yield to each other though. As I sat and ate lunch, I watched them pass me by, stopping for each other without hesitation. It was annoying after how put out most of them seemed if they had to move for me. Some were polite with me, but there were so many of them, and the entitled outnumbered the gracious. I couldn’t wait to get off of the Colorado Trail tomorrow. Tomorrow we go back to just being the CDT, and I’m so happy to get the quiet trail back.

There weren’t many pictures today either as I was in the woods all day moving out of the way of mountain bikes.  There is one of my view from camp…and sunset will probably be awesome later if I’m still awake. I’m pretty exhausted, and more than happy to turn it in early.

Dinner: Tasty Bites mushroom lo mein with coconut oil, uncured bacon bits and spices.