Miles: 5
Camp: My CDT mile 1064.5 (Frisco, CO)

I wasn’t surprised that the rain continued on through the night, nor that it still lingered by morning. Everything was as wet as can be, but I was dry enough and happy to be making a trip into town today. The rain was much lighter now, making it easier to get things squared away before heading out of camp. It was a pretty pleasant morning, everything so fresh from all of the rain. The air smelled clean.

The 5 miles was over pretty fast, taking less than 2 hours. It was all forested or being logged, so I didn’t actually take any pictures on my brief hike. I took the free shuttle into Frisco, and it was raining again. As it was too early to check into my hotel, I went across the street to have breakfast. It was the best I’ve had on trail so far! It was a bakery that made cinnamon blueberry bread from scratch and them made it into french toast…oh, and real maple syrup! It was divine!

Then I did my laundry and was able to check into the hotel. It felt so good to spread everything out to dry, to crank the heat up and then take a hot shower. It all felt so good! As I was just getting out of the shower, Pockets called. She was stuck in holiday traffic and had to turn around. She wasn’t going to make it to Frisco after all. I was sad she wasn’t coming, but hopefully I’ll see her in another town up the way. I wouldn’t want to sit in that traffic either. Yuck!

I spent the afternoon doing my resupply which was made super handy by the free bus system here. It was real easy to get around, and I was back in my hotel eating ice cream and pizza and watching Jurassic Park in no time. It was a great relaxing evening, and now I’m going to take another shower and go to bed. I want to do 20 miles tomorrow, so I better get some rest.

Really, no pictures…so here is an old one of a sunset.