Miles: 13
Camp: CDT mile 922.25
Elevation at camp: 11500 feet

Since the hostel was booked last night they had set me up on an air mattress in the back of the house. Unfortunately, I had to be the bearer of bad news that their air mattress has a leak. As a result I have a sore hip today, but I imagine it will straighten itself out.

I made myself some scrambled eggs with a side of avocado and strawberries, then finished packing my things. I had my thumb out by 9:30 and was back at the pass by 10. It was a productive morning even if I did feel a bit sluggish. We had stayed out late last night dancing to a bluegrass band downtown. It was fun, but I sure don’t have a lot of pep today. At least I got myself back to trail…after enjoying an ice cream cone at the shop at Monarch Pass.

I started hiking at 10:30 and really had to trudge through it for a while. Coming back to trail after a zero can sometimes be really difficult unless you got adequate rest. It is hard to stay still though, and the social life is pretty fun. I could feel the effects of a few beers and a night of dancing as I climbed up Monarch Mountain ski resort. The wind was particularly fierce this morning, making me stop to put on my wind shirt and warm hat as I slowly made it through the 3 mile climb.

At the top, the trail veers away from the resort and is a bit rocky. It made for even slower going to keep from hurting myself on a loose rock. I’m extra cautious on rocks, especially when I’m extra tired. Eventually I got to the other side of the mountain and saw a beautiful blue lake. Alpine lakes are the most surreal blue, they look like someone dumped a bunch of dye in them.

The color did not come out as vivid in the photo, but it's still pretty

I leapfrogged with Squirrel after lunch, both of us feeling subpar. Though he stayed in last night, Squirrel wasn’t feeling much better than I. He eventually stopped in a meadow, but I moved on another mile to camp alone. I’m in a beautiful forest next to a creek, birds chirping, minimal mosquitoes and my cozy little tent. I’m happy to turn in early to rest up for the rest of the section. Goodnight.
Dinner: mac and cheese with salsa




Boss Lake