Miles: 23
Camp: CDT mile 848.5
Elevation at camp: 9900 feet

It was surprisingly warm all night and this morning. I was at 12000 feet and my shoes didn’t even freeze. It made getting up a breeze and I was on trail by 6:45. I did a lot of climbing in the morning, even saw a herd of elk standing on the pass above me. When they saw me they all ran (about 20 of them) across the meadow above. It was a beautiful moment that reminded me that I can see so much more when I walk alone.


To be honest I am way too tired to blog tonight. It is already 8:30 and I still need to eat. I had a tough time with a river crossing today…it took me an hour to find a safe place to cross, all during a thunderstorm. I then hiked an additional 5 miles to camp…wanted to have a big day on solstice and I did.

Not a lot of pictures again, I walked through a valley almost all day. It was super hot until the storm and then it cooled off a bit.

Hopefully I’ll have more time to write tomorrow.

Dinner: mac and cheese with jerky and broccoli.


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