Miles: 8
Camp: Chama, NM hiked to Cumbres Pass at CDT mile 636.24

Beaut and I were both restless last night, enough so that we contemplated getting up to hike before dawn. Instead we ended up staying in bed until 7. When we woke up and started packing up camp, Rampaige, Hiker Box, Goosebumps and Lucky were hiking on by. We were all ready to get to Chama and get our gear ready for the next section. For Colorado.

We walked the road and watched New Mexico come to an end, taking pictures at the border. It is such a strange feeling to have completed the whole state already, moving on to whole new terrain and experiences. Rumor is that the trail only gets better.

When we got to Cumbres Pass, my friend LB was there doing trail magic. He fed us donuts, breakfast sandwiches and girl scout cookies before giving us a ride to town. We all had planned on 2 days off in town to evaluate the gear changes for the next section…so we all nestled into the Y Motel for the long haul.

My very close friend Tickled Pink drove down from Steamboat Springs as well, and he and LB spent the while time shuttling hikers around town. We made lots of trips to the post office to receive and send gear. Apparently my snowshoes were sent to the local “projects” and I had to convince UPS to retrieve them. Fortunately the mission was successful and I’ll be able to hike out with my planned group for the snow. We have Handstand, Hiker Box, Squirrel, Polar Bear and myself with plans to go through the snow together.

This last night we are all car camping on Cumbres Pass. LB and Pink will drive back home in the morning while the rest of us hike up to 12000 feet and loads of snow. It’s going to be a fun adventure…and lots of hard work. With our added gear and 7 days of food, all of us are struggling with the new weight of our packs…it is going to be hard, but we never expected it to be easy either.

We are ready for Colorado now. New Mexico has been extremely enchanting and wonderful to experience. I never knew it could be this good…and it is only told to get better. It is truly exciting!

Beaut walking the tracks
7 the back of Pink's truck
Throwing out the old shoes
All of the ice cream
View from the loo