Miles: 19.7 by trail and at least 2 backtracking when I went the wrong way
Camp: CDT mile 517.7

Today’s blog will be short because I got into camp super late and I’m really tired. I left town about 9:30 am after breakfast with some other hikers. I walked out alone today…about 8 miles of road that lead to a trailhead.

The trail followed a canyon with rushing streams all of the way up to 10,500 ft. It was like a real forest today, but the top offered no views, only high alpine meadows…and lots of snow. I did a lot of postholing and walked across swampy meadows that made my shoes super wet like in the Gila.

I hiked until 8 coming down in elevation, looking for camp. The forest has been blow downs and widow makers for miles offering no good camping…and it is way past my normal time to still be making dinner. I’m going to finish up and try to sleep. Sorry for the lame blog today.

A river of pork?!?!?
All meadows today
Wet wet meadows
That's what the trail looked like for a lot of time today