Miles: 00
Camp: Motel 6 in Grants

The last two days have been very restful. I ended up being pretty sick yesterday, so I spent the entire day in bed…which was kinda great minus the sick part. Cerveza was also in a bad way, so as everyone else moved about getting things done, we lay in our beds dealing with a rough stomach bug. We both thought it was a hangover to start, but we were both sicker than that and it lasted well into the afternoon (and we didn’t drink that much…so we surmise it was something else.

Today I awoke feeling better, but happy to take another day of rest with some productivity peppered in. I spent a long time at Walmart doing my resupply, and contemplated dropping some $ on a camera. I feel as if my phone does not do the trail justice…but I still don’t know if I want to add the weight/expense…decisions decisions.

The rest of the day was spent soaking feet and resting up for getting back on trail tomorrow. I’m looking forward to moving on, but understand the value of rest. Most of my group has already hiked out, so it’s just myself and Polar Bear (previously known as Rebecca) here in Grants. I actually look forward to hiking on alone (she does too) and making my own decisions for the rest of the way. I’ll team up again for the snow and in grizzly country, but for now I want some time by myself. It’s 5.5 days to Cuba where I don’t plan to zero, but have to time it out to catch the post office before it closes Saturday. I should be in a good position for that…treats await in Cuba!

We are already almost done with New Mexico which is crazy…only about 300 miles to go. It all goes by too fast.

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