Miles: 23
Camp: Govina Canyon Detour (off CDT mile  255)

One benefit of being out of the river canyon is that the sun reaches us sooner. It was already warming the day as we left camp. I like when I can start the day in shorts as opposed to changing somewhere down trail. Taking off my pack is sometimes more trouble than it is worth.

It’s little things like sunny mornings that can really make the day sometimes.

We walked a packed dirt road for 14 miles today, leapfrogging with another group. There was a spring there that we gathered round for lunchtime, and then finally escaped back to the soft, luxurious tread that is a real trail.

The road took a toll on all of us, blisters and shin splints afflicting most of the group. I have one blister that has resurfaced twice now. The only complaint I have about the Gila is that it gave us tender feet. All of our previous blisters had just been hardening as we walked that river. The river just softened everything back up. In fact, my feet were the softest they have been in quite some time…which just reinvited blisters to the party. I’m definitely not the only one.

After a variety of water sources today, we found the best one. We are on a detour down Govina Canyon and the water is crystal clear and delicious. We don’t know much of this route but that there is water. (The name reminded me of Godiva so I figured it had to be good, because all I think about is food).

We got into camp rather late, so after washing up (socks, underwear and myself) and cooking dinner (beans, cous cous, chicken and salsa) I’m feeling pretty spent. It is time to close the eyes so I can be rested for getting our mileage into Pie Town. 2 more days til pie!

I love this trail.

You can see the desert from here
Headed through a burn
The sky is beautiful in the afternoon
Water source
Wilderness fetching spring water
View from the loo