Miles: 14
Camp: Sheridan Canyon @water cache#1 CDT mile 14

At about 6 am, 11 drowsy hikers collectively pulled their nerves together and met in the lobby of the Econolodge of Lordsburg, NM. We breakfasted on motel waffles and coffee, shared nervous smiles and eventually had to say goodbye to our friends that we have been traveling with. It was hard to part ways, but the anticipation of this hike has been growing stronger every day.
We piled into 2 separate vehicles; a white Suburban driven by a local man named Juan, and a 4×4 extended cab pickup truck driven by Val, a woman who works for the CDTC. I was in the truck with Val and 3 other hikers, by far the comfier ride of the 2.

The ride was a little over 3 hours down some crazy 4 wheelin’ back roads that lead to the Mexican border and the monument known as Crazy Cook. Apparently back in 1865, a party had to kill their cook for murdering a man who insulted his cooking. The rock below illustrates what little we know about this story:


As soon as we pulled up to the monument, my bladder was ready to burst after jumping down those dirt roads so I ran into Mexico to relieve myself. All I had to do was hop a small wire fence…it was that easy.  Then it was time for pictures and finally some hiking!

The 6 amazing ladies I get to hike with


We then marched single file into the desert, one by one taking the first steps of the journey. The trail was pretty easy to follow as it led into the Big Hatchet Mountains, all we had to do was follow the CDT signs across the landscape and remember what it means to hike a long trail, remembering that it’s not a race, that it’s important to take your time in the beginning…and to wear sunscreen. Though I put sunscreen on early, I ended up with a pretty bad sunburn on my legs today. Funny how I ended up getting my trail name from wearing so much sunscreen that it collected dirt on the PCT, and now my legs resemble lobster on day 1 of the CDT.

Relearning. Lots of relearning.


The hiking itself was pretty easy today, just 14 miles to the first water cache of the trail. As part of our shuttle fee the CDTC cached water for the first 100 miles to get us back to Lordsburg. It is nice to know we can count on that as we all lie about camp with various ailments from the day. We all have some things to relearn, but at the moment we are in it together…all camping under a beautiful sky, our first night on the CDT.

Cerveza, Rampaige and Wilderness

Dinner: some Mexican tomato soup with vermicelli and peppers.

Squirrel's tent