I’ve been in New Mexico for 5 days now, travelling farther south (by car) every day. Tomorrow morning a shuttle leaves 10 of us hopeful hikers at the US/Mexico border ready to walk north; hopefully all of the way to Canada.

We will walk north for 5+ months.

This moment has been on my mind for months now, a feeling I anticipated with every frustration it took to get here. My pack is sitting in the corner of the room ready to go with 6 days worth of food and 5 liters of water; as heavy as it gets (35 lbs?). I’m starting out with more than I need though, because some things need to be relearned.

I look forward to my education by trail. Tomorrow my pack will be my only burden. It will weigh on my back, hips and shoulders…but I’ll just have to keep moving forward, nothing else on my mind.

The weeks it took me to get here have been pure magic. I’ve made amazing new friends with whom I will be hiking with; some or a lot of the time. I’ve also spent time building on old relationships, which has been very rewarding. My cup truly runneth over.

Part of the journey getting here was the trail days event where I met my new hiking friends and received some early trail magic (a nice stranger bought my friend and I dinner and drinks in support of our journey!) I’ll be hiking with some great people it seems, and I couldn’t feel more ready for the moment we set foot on trail tomorrow.

In the meantime I am going to rejoin the festivities going on around me, as we are all in high spirits in anticipation of the trail (and really hard to focus on writing, though I look forward to sharing my journey as it unfolds). Tomorrow is the beginning of something that is already great.

Dust Bunny, Tickled Pink, Vulture Death, Lastonthebus, Rampaige and Cerveza. (The ladies are all hiking, the gents were just there for the company).