Miles: 16.06
Camping: PCT mile 2315.55
Miles to go: 353.43

I’ve never camped so close to town before, and it felt great to wake up only 2 miles from a hot breakfast. I quickly packed up and made my way down the short, easy section of trail to the road. I knew that Blisster, Dayglo and Testament were already there, but I wasn’t sure how far behind the rest of the crew was. My plan was to get in and out of town in the same day, as time is running out for September, and I’m looking forward to the towns to come. White Pass is just a pit stop along the way, with not much to offer but a small store that has a small selection of fried/microwaved foods and pizza.

I got into town and was immediately happy to see espresso offered. That’s a great start to the day already, not to mention sitting and drinking my breve with Blisster. I dug through my resupply and opened a box from my friend Elaine. She sent me a supply of VIA that will last through the whole state of Washington, and some socks too! I packed everything up and sat charging my electronics as other hikers began trickling in. A few of them were getting rooms at the motel but I wasn’t feeling the usual draw to stay. I’m really enjoying this part of the trail, and I’m eager to get to Canada. Then I can rest.

After chatting, drinking coffee, bumming a shower from Dayglo (he had a room) and eating fried foods, I made my way back to trail. Blisster had gone on ahead of me, and I didn’t think I’d catch him today. My goal was only 12 miles to a stream with a campsite, and I knew he would have gotten well past that by the time I got there. There were many dry creeks and stagnant pools, so I was a tad concerned with the water situation, but stayed optimistic. I figured I would just go until I found water, but hopefully not into the dark. There wasn’t much else of note today, it was an average day with no real views or anything spectacular.

I made it as far as I intended just before dark and the creek ran aplenty. There was a large campsite, so I selected a tent site under some trees well off the trail and made camp. This is an obvious horse camp, as they are prone to leaving evidence of their presence…but I don’t mind. I was just mindful of where I laid my tent and prepared my food. It was dark by dinner, and I realized just how much I don’t like doing dinner after dark. Bugs fly up into my headlamp and land in my food, which just doesn’t taste as good when it’s not light out anyway. I made a mental note of that fact as I went to bed. It’s not as cold as it has been so it should be a comfortable night. I look forward to tomorrow, and beginning the countdown to Canada.

New socks and all of the VIA. Thanks Elaine!!!