Miles: 0
Camping: Cascade Locks PCT mile 2155

Like a can of sardines, all in a neat little row, 8 hikers shared 1 giant tent in a backyard in Portland, OR. We woke up and ran our last minute errands before we all piled into Nikki’s van for the ride back to Cascade Locks. Nikki and Eric were amazing and generous hosts, they have certainly earned their trail angel wings.

The plan had been to hike out once we got to Cascade Locks but we kept getting word that hikers were coming in from all over for the PCT Trail Days event. It was turning into a class reunion, so we decided that we wanted to stay in order to check out the festivities and catch up with long lost trail friends. It hadn’t been a priority for any of us, but we got pulled in by the event.

There were lots of gear companies there representing new outdoor products in booths. We walked around checking out the latest in gear, though I was a bit overwhelmed and can’t afford anything. There are some great items being released in the spring, so maybe by then. The real reason I stayed was my friends. There were so many of them in one place, and it had been so long since I’d seen most of them. It was our last hoorah before Washington, our last moments of summer, some of our last real zeroes. They say that in Washington you have to take zeroes to dry out your gear, which sounds like a much less exciting time than the zeroes we’ve had until now. Everything changes in Washington.

Tonight, probably a hundred people are all camped out across this little island in the Columbia River. It’s been a great weekend of enjoying what summer has left to offer as it likely won’t last as we move farther and farther north. Tomorrow, we begin that journey, the last leg.

That white spot is the moon.