Miles: 0
Camping: Amazing trail angel Eric and Nikki Fischer’s backyard in Portland

Last night Nikki and Eric had set up a giant tent big enough for all 4 of us to sleep in, and it was pretty darn fancy. The tent is large enough to stand in, and definitely big enough to sleep all of us comfortably. We got up and had coffee and eggs before errands. My stuff is in storage here at Nikki’s house, and I have had access to a few of my belongings. My clothes are all too big for me!! Such a strange feeling to have familiar clothes hanging off of my body where they used to hug it tight, but nice to wear my clothes and even a pair of my favorite earrings. No complaints here folks. I’ve had my laptop to catch up on my blog, which has been phenomenally efficient – and I can actually caption photos. I will go back to old blogs after Canada to fill in old blanks and add some of the photos that I couldn’t upload on my phone.

In the meantime, today was full of errands. We went to the grocery stores to do our Washington resupply, drank local coffee and went to the gear store to get some things. At the store, we ran into Blisster, Switch, Rush and Landfill who joined our town party! All of a sudden, Nikki was driving around with 8 hikers in her van … thank goodness she has a van! We had a great dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, saw a bunch of my friends in town, danced a little, laughed a lot and then crammed all 8 of us in the giant tent in the backyard. Tomorrow we head back to trail for the last stretch … Washington tomorrow!!!!!

Dust Bunny and Danger Spoon do blue steel
Blisster, Karma, Danger Spoon, CrackerJack, Rush, Switch