Miles: 26.68
Camping: PCT mile 1939.71

Per usual, I woke up before anyone else in camp. The sun was coloring the sky in pastel hues on the horizon and I quietly set about my morning, watching the day grow over the lake below. I was hiking before the others even stirred, wondering how far I could make it today. I felt pretty good and something about new and different food gave me a boost. The terrain was easy passing by several lakes which I stopped to admire. Though I was hoping to make up some of the miles I had missed in waiting for my package yesterday, I somehow felt relaxed about time today. It was a great feeling.

By the time I made the decision to stop for lunch, I’d already hiked 14 miles. The terrain was just that easy today, almost like a moving sidewalk. I’d heard Oregon referred to as that in the past, but had not really experienced it myself. My feet have always made me aware of my miles. On this day though, the feet felt fine and the miles came easy. I sat working on a crossword and eating lunch when a group of 6 older folks marched by. It was a large group I have never seen before, and we all said polite hello’s. One man said that Biscuit was just behind, and I wondered how far as I sat there giving them a bit of a lead.

Biscuit walked up right when I had packed up from lunch. She sat and we ended up just chatting for 30 minutes. I suddenly felt a bit pushed for time as an hour and a half lunch is a bit extravagant, even when the day is smooth. I accepted the delay though, as she and I always have good conversation and I enjoyed it a great deal. We got up together and continued hiking and conversing as we went. It was no time before we reached water at the next lake, a beautiful place with access from a dirt road. People were car camping with elaborate setups, and we sat filtering water and eating trail snacks while they drank wine and sat in chairs. One woman came by and offered us unripened pears. A heavy addition to a newly resupplied pack. But, fruit!

We hiked out of there hoping to make it to Brahma Lake, a full 26.68 miles from where we had camped the night before. It felt possible, and we walked through an old burn area, making miles disappear as we moved. The whole time we chatted about the trail, about life, about nothing and everything at once. It started growing dark, but the lake was close and I felt amazingly good, if not tired. I had Mountain House macaroni and cheese and some veggies hydrating in my pack, and I began wishing for dinner as a treat after this long day. Finally arriving at the lake just after 8, I quickly set up my tent and began in on my dinner. We watched the day wane over the lake and were joined by several other hikers as we ate our dinners.

I am so satisfied with today. The nice long lunch might be the ticket for helping my feet through a long afternoon. The great conversation, relaxing about miles, making it this far…I feel so wonderful, so accomplished, so capable. This was a very good day. Now I hope for a very good sleep and another grand day tomorrow. Goodnight.

Sunrise over Odell Lake