Miles: 0
Camping: Ashland Commons

For once, I was well on my way to sleeping in this morning, but lost the battle yet again. A well meaning friend woke me from a deep slumber to tell me he was going to breakfast. On this rare occasion I was more interested in sleeping in, but the deed had been done. I was awake, and grudgingly walked to breakfast. It was a rough start today, but the company of my good friend was nice, and after a breve at the wonderful Noble Cafe the day looked up. Danger Spoon and I spent the later part of morning sipping coffee and talking with a really nice couple from San Francisco about our trek. It is so cool how freely conversation with strangers can flow out here. It’s oddly comforting to share our experience with new and curious people, opening up their experience to what we are doing.

After a relaxing morning, I realized that I absolutely did need another zero today. I got no rest yesterday, running around completing errand after errand. There will be no stopping until I’m close to Portland, joining a friend for a night of camping by Mt. Hood and a day or two in Portland to plan my Washington resupply.  After that only Washington remains, and it will come and go so quickly! I’m sad it is coming so close but am looking forward to the experience of crossing that finish line.

Today, I finished a couple of errands, ate more delicious food from the Co-op, read my book, packed my pack, and hung out with Angles, String Cheese, Switch and Cheeseburger. We drank wine, listened to music, ate bread and ice cream, and laughed. Another great day/night. Tomorrow is back to business for a good long while. The terrain in Oregon is pretty mellow, so look for big miles…especially if these new shoes do the trick. All lights are green…and I’m ready to GO!

No pictures today. Sorry.