Miles: 0
Camping: Still in Chester

There isn’t much to say about today. I woke up in a room full of friends, and we went to the gas station for breakfast. Apparently that’s a thing, and it wasn’t bad! We then got to running errands, updating blogs, eating more food, etc… All the while my feet were still swollen and unhappy. Danger Spoon was complaining of shoulder pain, and we both kind of agreed that another night in town may be what we needed, even if it means falling behind. Everyone else hiked on, but we listened to our complaining bodies. I hate getting behind, but would rather hike happy and healthy than achy and sore.

We spent the night enjoying big comfy beds all to ourselves. Usually we pack enough people in a room that we have to share beds, but we are indulging today, and it is just what the doctor ordered. I made a nest of pillows and can’t wait to drift off to sleep in a soft embrace. I hope the extra day of rest makes the necessary difference…

Danger Spoon, CrackerJack, Cheeseburger and Dust Bunny