Miles: 18.36
Camping: PCT mile 1043.2

Some days this trip is more about the mental challenge than the physical one. Today has certainly been one of those days. I slept pretty soundly though, dreaming of peach pie. Maybe this is because I am sleeping with my food bag again…or maybe I could really go for some peach pie. Either way, I can’t blame the night’s sleep for waking up in a less than stellar mood. At least I’m in nature and I can stew in my own sour mood by myself. This prompted me to leave camp first, putting space between my friends and I.

The hike was pretty nondescript today, lots of rocks and trees and a couple of small streams. We climbed up some steep hills and I resorted to music to lift my thoughts and my mood. The air was particularly muggy as the dark thick clouds and sun danced around each other all day. By second breakfast I was feeling better, but CrackerJack revealed his own sour mood. He had slept poorly and was complaining of being tired and grumpy. Blisster on the other hand was in a fine mood, which actually helped me feel better. He’s a positive guy, and it can be contagious sometimes. I hiked ahead again nonetheless still feeling the need to keep to myself for the day’s hike. I let myself daydream about people and things not connected to the trail and before I knew it, it was lunch time. We ate our respective meals and the guys fell asleep, which I didn’t think I would be able to do. I contemplated hiking on but with thunder rumbling somewhere off in the distance, I didn’t want to separate too far from my group. They looked like they were in for a long siesta.

I laid out my sleeping pad with the intention of relaxing while they slumbered, and apparently was out like a light. I slept for an hour before waking up laughing. For some reason even I can’t explain, I was seized by a fit of uncontrollable laughter. It felt strange but I couldn’t stop, and the guys looked at me a tad concerned. Looking back, I think we were all dealing with a lack of oxygen today, as the air was as thick as soup. I hiked out first an observant eye to the weather around me. I felt safe as long as I was below tree line, and moved pretty slow due to the heavy air. Every uphill climb was a battle for breath, and soon CrackerJack caught up to me. Neither of us were in our usual chatty mood, and neither of us seemed bothered by this. Hiking was our focus and we trudged along slowly.

By afternoonsies, the 3 of us had decided to make camp early tonight. We agreed to go just a bit farther and call it a day. None of us was moving well, and we all wanted to call it quits as soon as we could. We made camp by 5 and are done with dinner and in our tents by 7. It was an exhausting day for all of us, and we hope the weather clears up for us to make over 20 miles tomorrow. Our goal is to nearo into Tahoe Friday, take a zero Saturday, then nearo out Sunday. We shall see what the coming days hold in store for us, and in the end, we will do what works. Here’s to a better tomorrow.