Miles: 23.39
Camping: Sonora Pass PCT mile 1011.28

This day was one of the most unexpected to date. We planned to walk at least 20, but we had no idea what we were in for. After 6.5 miles we stopped for second breakfast and marveled that it had been less than 2 hours. Then, ten miles and only an hour and a half later, we were swimming in Dorothy Lake. This was the last swim we would have in Yosemite. It was cold but Blisster, CrackerJack and I enjoyed the break from the heat. I barely hesitated this time, though it took a little push to get me all of the way in. Soon enough, the mosquitoes evicted us from our “Club Med” vacation. We were okay with this, for we were only 2 miles from the 1,000 mile mark, and we were determined to lunch there.

We threw on our packs and raced forward. What happened next blew all of our minds. We left Yosemite and as if on cue, the landscape changed before us. There were velvety red and green hills ahead, rocky cliffs that reminded us of Arizona, and suddenly a 10 mile stretch without water. We didn’t quite know what was happening to our world, but we accepted it all. This is our life, and it could not be more perfect. Did I mention that we have now hiked 1,000 miles? That’s a grand…we walked that far, and I still can’t wrap my head around it.

The trail led us through rocky miles of terrain that were ridiculously tough on our feet, but the scenery was some of the best to date. We stopped and said, “wow,” a lot, and watched as the trail continued into eternity in front of us. Would it end? Do we care? It could go on like this forever and we would never be unhappy with this view.

Soon, our planned campsite became unreal. It just didn’t exist, and we had been climbing for miles. Still going? Well, what else is there to do? We hiked. It was sharp rocks, it was steep, it was epic. We found short stubby bristlecone pines and made private abodes among their roots, joking that they were our own apartments. We cooked dinner and watched the sunset in the most perfect point on the trail. It was the most unplanned, most perfect place I have camped yet. This is our ridge, our sunset, our most perfect night; CrackerJack, Blisster and I. No words for this day….just 23.5 miles, 1,000,000 perfect views, 1 liter short on water and 3 happy campers.

The Crackerjack and Reverend Blisster
Crackerjack on Sonora Pass
Best camp ever!