Miles: 7.86
Camping: PCT mile 950.36

We woke up on Dennis’ floor hungry for breakfast. He offered to take us up to Tuolumne after we ate at the cafeteria. It is mediocre food at best, something I never enjoyed much in the past, and even with hiker hunger was left unimpressed. It hit the spot if nothing else, and we then piled into his car, all 6 of us. We got creative with our seating arrangement, Karaoke riding in the far back (it’s a station wagon). We listened to music, sang along and chatted our way back up the mountain where we would be reunited with Tink and our belongings. Thank you again Dennis! We appreciate your amazing hospitality!

With our things unharmed we packed up for our continued hike of the PCT. Tink announced she is quitting the trail as her pain has not subsided. It is hard to see such a solid member of our group drop out, but we all understand. Injury is injury, and you absolutely have to listen to your body. We love you Tink! You are a tough woman, and have been a powerful hiker. We will all miss you tremendously, and I can’t wait to visit you (and vice versa). XOXO

The rest of us: Hugs, Pockets, CrackerJack, Karaoke and I decided to stick to our team and hike out together. I have never hiked with more than 2 others at once, but my love for these people makes it worth it. I can’t imagine this life without them. We had a lot of fun hiking to Glen Aulin where we stopped for lunch. Glen Aulin is a high Sierra camp with an awesome waterfall and swimming hole. We ate lunch and then CrackerJack and I swam. The water was perfect, as was the day so far. I also ran into old friends Rion and Andrew who are working at the camp. It was great to see them!

After lunch we hiked just a couple of miles before we were tired from our late night in the valley. We found an ideal spot for our group and pitched camp. Just as we were making dinner we caught a glimpse of Blisster walking down the trail. We hollered to him and he joined us with new friend Polar Bear. Polar Bear is a firefighter from Alaska, and fun to have around. We had our usual fun around camp, laughing and joking, and went to bed relatively early in order to hike normal miles tomorrow. It feels good to be surrounded by my friends tonight. I sure am happy.