Miles: 14.89
Camping: Lake Victoria PCT mile 891.7

Breakfast was a sure thing at VVR, as I was told the pancakes are killer. We signed up for the 9am ferry across the lake and joined friends in the cafe. We all proceeded to do some damage to the menu, I think collectively ordering every possible thing. I got pancakes and sausage, which turned out to be less than stellar. I ate the plate clean regardless and went to pack up for the ferry.

The ride across the lake was a lot nicer than the previous day. The sun was shining and the mountains weren’t hiding behind dark, threatening clouds. Pockets and I got a quick start to the trail from shore, but just as quickly learned that our breakfast was going to prevent any designs we had on speedy hiking today. We accepted this fate, trudging along with bricks in our bellies, uphill for miles. We were ascending Silver Pass with hopes of making it to Purple Lake 17 miles up trail.

The pass was beautiful, and we were very relieved to be done climbing for the day. Pockets ate lunch, but I still wasn’t that hungry yet, so I simply snacked before we headed down the other side of the pass. I was still moving slow with a strange aching in my feet. It wasn’t that painful, but I paid close attention in case I needed to take rest early. I was moving slow either way. I listened to some podcasts to make the time pass, and we made it to Lake Victoria, almost a 15 mile day, after what seemed like an eternity. I usually leave for the day at 7am, so today’s late start was really noticeable with a late arrival to the lake.

We decided not to hike the extra 2 miles to Purple Lake, and made camp here at Lake Victoria. I soaked my feet in the cold mountain water until they went numb, and that helped the aching subside. Christine and Elaine, 2 girls we met at VVR joined us, and we all ate dinner beneath the mountains and next to the lake. I was really hungry by dinner time, so I made a big meal of cheesy rice with broccoli and tuna, and peanut M&M’s for dessert. It was a nice day, if not hard. I now lay in my tent vowing to never eat pancakes before a big hike again. Take note!