Miles: about 4 around town
Camping: Bishop Hostel (my favorite place to stay on trail)

Without a lot of arm twisting Pockets “convinced” me to take a zero. We wanted to move on, but just had too much to do in town. We spent the day eating, doing laundry, watching the World Cup, eating, resupplying, talking to loved ones and going to the post office.

A few old friends rolled through the hostel and the company is good (so is the local beer). Pockets and I are teaming up to hike out tomorrow, even though this hostel has a way of holding hikers back without much effort…we will stay motivated! The Sierra are calling us back to the trail with their beauty.

Errands are not fun to write about, so here is a picture of me going to the grocery store in the latest fashion (take notes trend followers!). Also Pockets and I with a giant cinnamon roll that we ended up splitting 4 ways, to hold you over until tomorrow.