Miles: 0
Camping: Behind the Kennedy Meadows General Store again

Sleeping in is such a luxury. Having my friends all around, also sleeping in is delightful. I smiled at the clock when I woke up, it was 7:10. So late! So wonderful! Walking to the bathroom was near impossible, but I’m done feeling sorry for myself. Last night changed the whole game…I will do what it takes to heal, and get back on trail as soon as I can. I have to put my pride and drive aside to give my body a chance. If I don’t let up now, I’ll never finish the trail. I have to hit pause. I have to.

There is a doctor hiking named George. He looked at my feet and told me I have hyperhydrosis. Basically, I sweat too much and my feet need more time to dry out, and the blisters under callous should be drained. It’s time for new shoes and to slow down. Doctors orders. He recommends Chacos, so I will have to find my way to Bishop to snag a pair tomorrow. So far, a ride looks grim, but I’m not going to worry. Today I will sit on this porch all day and enjoy my friends, relax and stay off these swollen feet. Tomorrow I will find a way. I will go with the flow and it will work out. Locals are charging $60 for rides…too rich for my blood. I can do better.

Most of my friends hiked out today. It was hard watching them go. So hard. It’s the right thing to do though. I’m doing the right thing. There is a chance I can meet them on Mt. Whitney if feel better in 2 days and skip 40 miles…but I won’t push it. I promise.

Dozen, Peanut, Hugs and Pockets are still here, and Siesta Fiesta (5 of my friends who hike together) just rolled in. I’m not alone, and I’m going to heal. We are having pizza, beer and ice cream; excellent company and relaxation. Just a day off, praying for fast healing, knowing I will persevere. Doing the right thing and swallowing my pride. I know it’s not over. I will finish this trail. I know it.