Miles: 0 (a few around town I suppose)
Camping: San Jacinto State Park
Lots of hikers in town

Sleeping in a bed was a true game changer last night. I slept soundly and woke up at 6, ready for breakfast. The cafe doesn’t open until 7, so I laid in the bed a while longer, savoring its softness.

I met up with Blisster (from Corvallis, OR), and we ate a leisurely breakfast. I had corned beef hash with eggs, avocado, hash browns and toast…and yes, I finished every bite. Less hungry, never full.

I still had 3 hours in the hotel, so I lounged around a bit and took another shower, just because. When I had to check out, I went to the laundromat where they give you loaner clothes while you wash yours. I picked a white sweat suit, and now lament not getting a photo in it.

It’s been nice getting everything done in town. The food is good and the locals nice. I’m at the campground tonight, which is only $3, though a bit crowded where we are. The campgrounds along the trail give us great rates, but lump us all together in 2 or 3 sites, usually next to the road. You get what you pay for, I suppose, and I can’t afford a hotel every night. I’ll sleep it off and get back to hiking tomorrow.

There is an all you can eat spaghetti dinner tonight for $8, accompanied by country karaoke. There is an older man dressed in a black western outfit embroidered in gold, he is the only one singing besides the KJ. I love me some small town goodness, and who knows, maybe Dolly Parton will come down…she apparently has a house here.

After other hikers showed up, a hiker named Chase from Tacoma sang “Babushka,” by Kate Bush, in falsetto no less…it was ridiculously awesome. He was followed by a biker looking fellow with ripped arms and a shaved head, and an older guy in a track suit who sang nearly flawless Sinatra.

All in all it’s a great town, Idyllwyld. I sure do like it here. I’m happy to get back on trail though and see what else lies ahead.