Today, I awoke feeling nervous for the first time since I decided to do the PCT. 
Not for anything to do with the hike itself, which is actually a relaxing thought for me. It’s the endless list of chores to get done before I take off that has me feeling a bit frayed.
It’s the pressure of finding new homes for my belongings, of whittling down my items for storage, enlisting people with various tasks (like mailing my resupply, and acting as my liaison so my mechanic can sell my car after I leave); moving out of my room, saying goodbye to people at work who I may never see again, accepting that so much (especially myself) will have changed when I return…
Will I have it all lined up by the time I go?
The hike really carries very little stress for me. It’s just survival at that point; it’s walking, reflecting, and only being attached to that which I can carry. That all sounds delightful compared to the burdens of tying up lose ends and putting my proverbial ducks in a row. My life will be so much easier only worrying about my basic needs out there. Nothing more. Nothing less.
It sounds more like freedom than anything else I’ve done before, and I’m ready to be free.
13 days remain…and I’ll be on my way.