On the PCT, there is a saying: “HYOH,” which stands for, “Hike Your Own Hike.” It runs through my head constantly, even in every day life.

It applies to everything.

I keep it in mind when I read others’ blogs as well, which has been a recent obsession. Last years trials and tribulations, victories and trail magic are all lined up all over the internet. My favorite so far has been this one: Carrot Quinn It’s by a gal named Carrot (who is also from Portland) who is turning her blog into a book, and it’s going to be really, really good! She’s an excellent writer, and her book is going to be better than “Wild.” Really.

Also, she’s hiking again this year, only a couple of days ahead of me. I hope so much that I get to meet her and hike with her a little or a lot.

After finishing her trail story, I’m more motivated than ever to get out there and hike my hike. I leave in 33 days! 33 DAYS!! I am so freaking thrilled, terrified and READY. I’m so, so ready!

Today, I am shoving things I don’t need into boxes so that my friends can come over on Saturday and take away little pieces of my life. I’m keeping so little in storage, so that when I come back, I don’t have to feel all the weight of possessions. I’m absolving myself of attachment, and it feels wonderful. I recommend it, even if you aren’t going on a big trip.

Out with the old, in with the big breath of life that inevitably follows.

Tomorrow, I buy the last of the gear that I need. I’ll put it all in the backpack that will house it for the next half a year, and that will be my most valuable attachment for a long while.

How light it must feel to carry everything you own with you all of the time.

How heavy it will seem after a few short miles in the desert.

How free I will be, with nothing to do but walk. I can’t wait so bad it feels like an entirely different lifetime away. Not the mere 33 days that will surely fly by like a swift wind. It feels so so far away, so out of reach, yet all I do is plan for it, think about it, and read blog after blog after blog after blog…

And here is mine, itching to get started. Feet ready to go. Mind already there.

April 28th can’t come fast enough.

“Waiting is the hardest part.” -Tom Petty

(I’ve fixed the error that made it so you couldn’t comment on my blog. Feel free to say encouraging things and stuff. XOXO)